Tarpaulins and military tents

Military hangars

The military hangar is a construction of great importance for the armed forces. These hangars offer a wide range of benefits and are used to store and maintain military aircraft, land vehicles and other types of military equipment. In this article, we will explore more details about military hangars and their crucial role in the armed forces.

If you are interested in the military world and want to know more about how military aircraft and vehicles are stored and maintained, then this article is for you. We will give you detailed information about what military hangars are and why they are so important in the military world.

Military tarps and military tents

Command type tent, small troop tent, universal module tent, logistic tent.

  • longitudinal breaking strength 260 – 450 DaN / 5 cm
  • transverse breaking strength 230-420 DaN / 5 cm
  • specific weight between 630 g/m2 – 1100 g/m2
  • temperature resistance – 30 and + 70 degrees Celsius
  • adhesion 100 N / 5 cm – light retention 7 – 8 min.
  • the material can also be fireproof (class B1 – according to DIN 4102)
  • resistance to tearing 120 – 330 N
  • the material can be painted in camouflage colors and treated with IR (infrared remission) treatment.

Tarpaulin semi-trailers and trucks

Material type: DAC – 665, DAC – 887R, DAC – 10215-16125.

Military truck tarps.

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