Tarpaulins and civil tents

CFR type tarpaulin

The standard dimensions of the C.F.R. EACS tarpaulin are 15m x 4.5m, according to the UIC-806R datasheet. The wagon tarpaulin has the following physical characteristics:

  • 44 staples for tying ropes
  • 44 Φ6 ropes for anchoring the tarpaulin
  • 48 reinforcements in the same material as the tarpaulin or a stronger material for increased tear resistance and puncture resistance.

The material is an elastomeric support (prostinex canvas) coated on both sides with a PVC layer.

Large industrial warehouse tent

Metal structure tents (steel, aluminum) are calculated and designed to withstand wind and snow.

Technical design values:

  • Wind speed: 120 km/h
  • Snow pressure: 2.5 kN/m2

The cover tarpaulins are made in triple layer, with a thermal shield inside. These features ensure the durability and strength of our tents, being designed to withstand varying weather conditions and provide protection for various applications.

Container tarpaulin

Tarpaulins are generally used to cover machines or surfaces for which it is necessary to maintain a dry place.

Tarpaulin for gyms and industrial tents or events

Tarpaulins for gyms, industrial tents or events on a metal structure with interior equipment such as a cooling/heating system and a distribution/power supply system, lights and sockets.

Large size tarpaulin covered gymnasiums and other metal structures – 24m wide x 44m long x 14m high.

Tarpaulin for the terrace

Tarpaulins for bars, restaurants and covering various surfaces on a metal frame.

The material used is very resistant to tearing and weathering, with a mass of 900 g/m2.

Tarpaulin tensioned awnings

Tarpaulins for awnings.

Do you need tarps or tents?

Whether it’s events, temporary construction or other civil projects, we have tarpaulin and tent solutions to meet your needs.

Our team specializes in providing high quality tarpaulins and tents, tailored for any civilian purpose.