Metal constructions


Our company builds steel structures from light C-profiles, rectangular and square steel and aluminium profiles for the construction of houses with up to three floors, industrial halls, sports halls, attic blocks, office buildings and dealerships. Lightweight metal constructions have a number of advantages over thick brick wall constructions, such as:

The construction speed of a house is very high (a 100 sqm house with attic is built in two months), it is light, elastic, very resistant and very precise, with no deviations from linearity and parallelism.

The price of a real estate investment using steel structures is also at least 30% lower. The guarantee of the metal constructions made by us is at least 50 years. We also carry out the necessary construction project, certified and attested by URBAN INCD-INCERC.

Thermal comfort is well maintained due to the thermal constant of the wall, so that a house wall with a thickness of 25 cm, built on metal profile, which also contains in section mineral wool, OSB, plasterboard and polystyrene has the same thermal constant as a brick wall with a thickness of 1.5 m, so clearly superior.

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