About us

Intermasters Impex S.R.L. is a company with full private capital and is a manufacturer of tarpaulins for military and C.F.R. type trucks, tarpaulin containers, asphalt bitumen tarpaulins, camping tents and military tents, terraces, tarpaulin sports halls, military hangars. Also, our metal construction division offers you metal structures for industrial halls and warehouses.

The materials we use for tarpaulins are elastomeric support on which PVC carpet is impregnated on both sides, whose technical and physical characteristics are in a varied range depending on the customer’s requirements. Also, for metal constructions, steel or aluminum profiles of rectangular or round type.

Quality and professionalism

Materials are checked and tested by A.F.E.R. – Bucharest, internal and external testing laboratories and are accredited by ISO/IEC 17025. All our products are accompanied by a quality certificate and guarantee. Tarpaulins are manufactured using the PVC layer welding technique (hot, C.I.F. method), resulting in weather-resistant products. At the customer’s request, the tarpaulin material can be treated with IR technology.

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Our company holds an important place in the domestic market of tarpaulin production. Our marketing department is working hard to achieve our goal of product – quality – price, taking into account the trend of many profile companies in the world, who seek to make a product of impeccable quality. In this sense, our company has the management of the quality system implemented according to ISO 9001/2015, having railway supplier authorization and certification for wagon and automotive tarpaulins. Also, the company owns the industrial property right for the model used in the military tent type universal module and utility model. The certificate is issued by OSIM and EUIPO. All our products are sold under the Pop Technic trademark.

Offered products and services

Military tarps and tents

For command, troops and logistics. Strong, durable and adaptable to various conditions.

Military hangars

They are made of aluminum structure covered with isothermal tarpaulin in 3 layers

Ballon type Gym

Low-cost structures, quick installation, complete equipment, strength without special foundation.

Industrial halls

Efficient, versatile, quick to build and adaptable to various production needs and storage needs.